Suspended Ceilings

Lasting Quality

High demands are far from being a rarity nowadays. And that is definitely the case when it comes to suspended ceilings. For very good reason. The customer expects functionality as well as fresh design ideas that guarantee lasting quality. Increasingly, ecological aspects also have to be factored in as well. We take the entire package to heart and offer interesting alternatives for drop ceilings.

From Classic to Extraordinary

Plasterboard Ceilings
Continue to be classics on the market, used in residential settings and industrial construction for building rehabilitation and modernization.
Grid Ceilings (metal- and mineral-fiber ceilings)
Suitable for sales and exhibition spaces. They make the room look more open and captivate with clever design. Installation is easy, while lighting and other fittings are easy to access. This goes for mineral-fiber ceilings and metal ceilings alike.
Panel Ceilings
These have multiple applications and are in particular demand where emphasis is on design. Fixtures such as lighting and ventilation systems can be put in practically anywhere.
High humidity can often be an issue for vulnerable ceilings. Aquapanels, in contrast, consist of cement-bound panels and are very robust. They are often used for ceilings of swimming pools, where there is a constant humidity of 80 to 90 percent. Corrosion-proof surfaces establish a clear barrier against aggressive chlorides.