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New Location in Lower Austria

In April 2015 THT Trockenbau GmbH opened a new location in Hasendorf 46, 3454 Sitzenberg-Reidling.


Warehouse Expansion

Between 2012 and 2013, we expanded our warehousing capacity by about 400 m2.
Now we have even more space to store all the materials we need for our dry-construction projects (profiles, panels, insulation, etc.).


Vehicle Fleet

Our fleet currently comprises 28 vehicles.



We are a proud sponsor of several sports clubs: Allianz Swans Gmunden (since 2007), SV Gmundner Milch (since 2004), Sportunion Gschwandt, HAKA Traun and FC Altmünster (youth- and A-teams).


Remodeling of Spängler Bank in Salzburg

During the remodeling project at Spängler Bank in Salzburg City, between summer and autumn 2012 we were responsible for taking care of the ceilings and walls.


Christmas Party 2012

The 2012 THT Christmas Party once again took place in the cozy confines of Gasthof Grünberg on Lake Traunsee.
In a relaxed atmosphere and over an outstanding 3-course meal, on 8 December we raised our glasses to toast a successful year, chat and laugh. In addition, a live band provided musical entertainment and enticed many a partygoer out onto to the dance floor.


Boat Ride with the Knauf Company

In summer 2012, THT executives were invited by the Knauf company to join them for a boat ride on Lake Traunsee.
With magical sunshine and a great atmosphere, we enjoyed the crossing together. And afterwards, we sat down in a stylish setting for a meal.

Christmas Party 2011

This year, management invited everyone to a Christmas party on 9 December 2011 at Gasthof Grünberg on picturesque Lake Traunsee.
Over a 3-course meal, our employees had a wonderful time together in a private setting, nicely hidden away from the hustle and bustle of Advent season.
A dance show and musical entertainment provided by Soxa from Altmünster guaranteed a fun-filled evening for everyone. Celebrations went on until late in the evening.

10 Jahre Thaci

THT Thaci Trockenbau celebrates 10 years of successful expansion

Since 2001, our dry-construction company in Pinsdorf has expanded far beyond the county boundaries, constantly and successfully growing its market share. Together with our customers, business partners, friends, as well as guests from the world of politics, we celebrated this milestone birthday in one of the most beautiful locations on Lake Traunsee.
Last Friday, over 150 guests took up owner Alban Thaci’s invitation to give the 10th anniversary the celebration it deserved. Guests also included Gmunden’s two aldermen Wolfgang Ortner and Gerhard Meingast as well as Gerhard Hackmair, vice mayor of Pinsdorf. The celebrations were held on the terrace of Villa Toscana in Gmunden.