Drywalls & Wall Cladding

High quality, extraordinary variety, very individual

Architects and designers value having a wide variety of individualized design options. Which is where the functional interplay between drywall and wall cladding comes into play. We understand the enormous potential of high-quality applications and get the absolute most out of that potential with every skill at our disposal. Even curved or irregular surfaces can’t hold us back. Diversity and flexibility are also in high demand when it comes to materials. Plasterboard, Herakustik and wood are a few good examples.

System Thinking

Because, as we know, the devil is in the details, when it comes to installing drywall and wall cladding, it is vital to think in terms of complete systems. Here, too, experience is exceptionally important. We know how to connect walls correctly, where reinforced areas are needed, how to install frames professionally, and why you can never overlook using the correct connectors. For us, complete knowledge of current EU standards is also an absolute must and an essential aspect of our responsibility to the customer.