Ceiling Heating & Cooling Systems

Good climate for better performance

A perfect room climate in offices has long since become, not an option, but a necessity. While concentration and performance increase, sickness rates decline. Thanks to modern dry construction methods, simple ceilings can be transformed into ceilings that provide heating or cooling as you wish. We can install them in plasterboard ceilings as well as metal ceilings.

No Drafts

The system is easily explained. By means of a compressor, the coolant is condensed and the pressure generates warmth, which is then channeled into the boiler. In order to cool, on the other hand, the gas isn’t condensed, but rather allowed to expand. The cooling efficiency is dependent upon the type of ceiling panels which have been installed, ranging from 40 Watts per m² to over 50 Watts per m². Ceilings used for cooling do not create a draft, preventing neck pain and colds. In addition, you will be able to enjoy working in an absolutely hygienic room climate.